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    Confidence Coach for Women

    I specialise in working with women who feel unsatisfied, undervalued and stuck in their life to get the confidence and courage to step out of their comfort zone, face their fears and step into their true potential without fear and other people's opinions holding them back.

    Areas that I have worked with previous clients on include career, business, relationships, stress & wellbeing, emotional management, communications, and public speaking. We can work on whichever area of your life is currently being impacted because of a lack of confidence or low self-esteem.
    As a woman who has personally struggled with confidence issues, I come from a place of understanding.
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    Lydia McDowall


    In all I do as a coach I follow these core values:

  • Support (you in every way I can to be more confident)

  • Encourage (you to develop)

  • Trust (between us and the process)

  • Uplift (you mentally and spiritually)

  • Progress (you towards your goals)

  • In essence, through these values I empower you to SETUP the life you truly desire so you can live to your full potential.

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    Qualifications & Experience

    I am an Accredited Practitioner Coach and Mentor with the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring (IAPC&M) and a graduate of the Pure Coaching Academy (led by Carole Ann Rice, one of the UK's top life coaches) and am a Master Coach with the Champion Academy.

    I have over seven years of experience in coaching and mentoring individuals in the areas of confidence, communication and change and have received numerous client testimonials which you can see on my Testimonials page.

    Through my years of work I now focus my coaching on women who suffer from a lack of confidence and self belief. I found this was an area that was occuring for many different clients I worked with and as this is an area I personally had to work on, it feels like the right fit for me to help others, just like me, to live a more fulfilled life.